Fred Burton - The LP

Good morning! Got some new music for you guys to check out. To start this off right I just want to say congrats to the homie Fred Burton for getting his music on Spotify and iTunes Music. I can't pinpoint the exact time and location when I first met Fred but he was never shy to say hello and showed some love. I spent the morning listening to Fred's album, when he first told me he dropped a new album and wanted to know what I thought of it, I admit, I was afraid I wouldn't like it. I have a lot of friends who make music or art in some kind of way, and me being an honest person can offend some people if I'm not feeling it. But never would I diss their work, I would just have to tell them the truth that I don't like it. It never get easy to tell the truth but you can't go on telling them it's good if it's wack. That will only cause your friend to continue making wack shit. I'm not a professional blogger nor am I some dude you should follow. But I have this blog to share food, music, art, especially if they're local. Well! Fred Burton's new album is quite good, reminds me of the old school real hip hop shit I listened to  growing up. He even have my favorite rapper Rossi Rock on the album and Artt Lifted made it on the LP too. Fred, good job on this LP my dude, keep up the good work man. Proud of you. I love that you rep'd that 8th & G shit on there too!