Hanuit For Strictly Waffles


Hanuit for Strictly Waffles "Waffle Lover" Pullover

We wanted to do something a little different than our usual text tees. With the colder months ahead, we set our sights on a hoodie and teamed up with San Diego photographer Nitty Beat for a different take on classic skate imagery. While combing through vintage skateboarding ads, I came across this great full page Dogtown Wheels ad from the 70's that spurred the idea for this shoot. Nitty took the reigns and reshot the image with model Kristina Whitmire, and we think it turned out great. These will be printed with direct to garment, full color graphics on 100% cotton American Apparel California Fleece Pullovers. And as always, everything is 100% Made in the USA. Preorder yours now at Strictlywaffles.com/shop.