BTS Photo Session With Elena At Kindred

I didn't want to post much about my new project but I think most of you can tell what it already is. I also felt I need to post today's shoot because I'm feeling really thankful for Bar Kindred for allowing me to shoot there during service hour. It was still early so there was not a lot of people in there just yet. I was actually there to order the food to-go and shoot it at Elena's house but while I was there I asked the bartender (John) what was their policy on photography in there. Though it was laid back we wanted to make sure it was okay from every angle. Met with their Manager (Meghan), told her a few things about my project and the show. She made one phone call to the owner and boom! I got the green light. Kindred is a Vegan restaurant but their food does not disappoint in case you meat eaters were worried. We ordered their Memphis BBQ sandwich which is made with Jack Fruit. It supposed to be their Pulled Pork but of course without the animal product. I dig it. I was blown away by their decor, I was really excited to shoot. I didn't plan on shooting it at Kindred assuming I would get turned down so when they gave me the green light I left to pick up Elena in North Park.