Expired Film | DTSD

My cousin called me one day out of the blues. I was in the middle of my ping pong game too, I answered anyways. My cousin was telling about some expired films for sale at the swap meet he was at. I asked him the basic questions, what's the exposure count, ISO counts, brand etc. It was a Walgreen's brand and it has been expired in 2009. You can still shoot with expired films, it's how the film was stored matters the most. If it was to sit in the sun all those years it would've been destroyed and no good to shoot with. Last questions I asked him was "how much and how many of them?" He said 10 and they're a dollar each. I told I'll take them all. I later came home to twelve 4 packs, I think he miscounted haha. But I was excited to have all these films to shoot with. 

I shot a model with it earlier this week and the photos came out great. So thats a good sign that all these films are good to shoot with. I went to Downtown San Diego Monday evening to get some night shot that I rarely do and this was my first time shooting at night with the Canon ae-1. I didn't have a tripod so I had to improvise and place them on ledges, boxes, and rails. Most of the f-stops were guessed, I basically didn't know what I was doing, I was winging it. It was a good lesson as some of the photos turned out to be okay. But I guess I have learned a little bit about exposures over the years.