What's Jappaning Now Pt. 10 (LAST DAY)

Japan is no vacation , constant moving , 10 mile walk ayeday (20k steps), no days off , cold , crowded , busy, chaotic ! But you've been amazing! Watching the Japanese live their everyday lives taught me how to be more polite, their mannerism is on point. You'll get one of those grumpy old man attitude here and there. Well, I think that only happened once where Gina got pushed the fuck out of a crowded train. He just really wanted to get out I guess. Other than that, everyone are so polite to each other. I don't see Japanese shake hands out here, they bow. I know some of us may already know that but me, I forget that still do that. I love their fashion, their style, the everyday lives that seem to be boring were entertaining to me too. But that's because everything is new to me. This trip was definitely a lot harder than the last. We did travel outside of Tokyo this time though. We went to Osaka, Iwakuni, Hiroshima. Hiroshima bomb site was sad as fuck ya'll. Shit made me want to cry for real. Harajuku was weird and amazing as always. If you're a photographer who likes to photograph people, Harajuku is the place to be. You will always have something to shoot there, constantly. I sure hope I took some amazing photos with my film camera. If you know me you already know my worries and how hard I am with my photos. I can't wait to get them processed. It's been a fun, wild, tiring ride in Japan but I'm extremely happy to go home tomorrow morning. I miss my home, my dog, my friends, my family, my girlfriend, my CAR!! To celebrate I think I'll do a burn out somewhere in San Diego hahaha. I'm not sure what has gotten into me this trip, I only bought one thing for myself and spent most of my money on buying gifts for people back home. I never ever done that. I have a good heart, I care for people, but buying gifts from traveling I have never done that. I can't wait to hand them out to people. OH yeah, Japan, you have some of the strangest food and cafe/bars, but you have some of the coolest shit I've ever seen! Thank you! Can't wait to be home!!

To Jay and Kim, thank you so much for taking the time to hang out with us and showing us around. It was a lot of fun and the food was mad good. Dope house too by the way, felt like home. It was very comfortable to be in your home.  

Exactly one year apart, happy anniversary. 

Exactly one year apart, happy anniversary. 

Yo Megan! We're so glad to see you mang. It was great hanging out with you, shooting some foodporn pics with you, drink with you, talk, laugh and joke with you. Wished we had more time!! Thank you so much for coming out to hang with us! Talk to you again soon and hit me up when you're back in San Diego. 

We spent our last evening together at Hooters Shibuya, few drinks and laugh and we hugged good bye. I guess this is all folks. I need to finish packing and get a little bit of rest for the trip back home tomorrow.