Muscle Tone, Shades, Shadows & Contrast

Shot color film all my life till my college days. I was introduced to shooting black and white photography in college where we printed the photos ourselves in the dark room and that was great! I was afraid of the dark then so being in a complete dark room taking the negatives out of the canister was a challenge. I had my eyes closed in the dark just cuz I was afraid to see some sort of super natural shit lol. Anyways, one of our assignment was to create abstract art using human body parts. I had my ex-girlfriend at the time as my model and she was kind enough for me shoot her in nude. I wish I can show you the images now but if you been to my art show you would've have seen it. Back to the story, I accidentally over exposed ( I think it was) the image upon printing it and discovered a very cool print! It was all white and the only thing left of the image was her curves and outline of her body which looked like a pencil shading by finger. It did not look like a photograph anymore, it looked more of a drawing done by an artist. Ever since then I've been wanting to go back in the dark room and print more photos like that and then some, like these I have posted, shot in front of a dark back drop. 


This is my friend Mikey, I've known him for over a decade and I shot these for my Inked Gallery for this site and just recently I decided to edit them using VSCO Cam. Why did it take me this long to edit them? It's because none of my photos I shoot with film are edit. I got bored and got nothing to shoot so I decided to play with these photos and bring out some skin/muscle tone and play with the shadows and shit. And the results are cool!