Nitty Beat x Bojangles

A couple of car guys who do things more than car guys do. From the ghetto to the coffee shop, we see that all. I dedicate this blog post to our friendship, being in the car scene ain't as sweet as you may think. But that goes for anything we go through in life though, but in this case, I'll talk about us in the car scene. 

We all got into the game hoping for popularity or fame. That want for the attention on your build, some of you want it in the worse way though, fucking homies over for a 15 second of fame, burning bridges thinking that is the way to pay your ways. Man, even if you're just a good dude building a car just for the love of it, that same love you get from people can still fuck you at the end. We get confused sometimes, had to learn fake love from real love the hard way, but that's the ONLY way to learn it. I've heard someone asked Bojangles "how can an average Joe know so many people in Japan."  To be honest, we're nobody, regular cats from the block who has the love for photography, cars, food, the world, and people, but I can tell you we ain't no average Joes. This is no diss to the guy or claiming we are better than the next man, nah. We're good Dudes (DBC). But to answer his question though, start by giving yourself more credit but stay humble with it. The best way to elevate in life man, is to just BE YOU, genuinely you. People try too hard to be someone they're not and that will cause conflict in your head and the world around you because now you're just confused and creating chaos all around you. Be 100%, no fuckboy shit, don't burn bridges, pay your dues, learn from others, surround yourself with good people, not to take their resources, to learn and provide a service my dudes. That's all I got to say, cuz the more genuine you are the better you shine my dudes. Real recognize real, that's how an "average Joe" does it.

Bojangles and I been through that fire, of weeding out real friends to fake friends. 7 years later David (Bojangles) remained humble and a good friend. We still meet up to shoot the shit, we don't talk everyday, but we take the time to see each other once in a while. So it was great pleasure to share the gallery with David for the first time ever. His photography has improved by a lot! I was impressed with his work! Cheers! To real friends David. 

Photography courtesy of Mike Albritton