First Look At Monzu Pasta Shoot

A week after Food Porn Vol 2 I got a DM from Monzu Fresh Pasta, requested to have a sit down with me to discuss future collaboration. I met up with the owner of Monzu (Aldo) on a Thursday afternoon and went over what he wanted from me and how he found out about me. Aldo told me one day he was strolling through downtown and stumbled upon 5&A Dime. Walked in to buy a t-shirt and saw my Food Porn Vol 2 photos on the wall and wanted something similar for his restaurant.

After days on working out the final details we finally found a set date to shoot. We will debut these photos at Monzu Fresh Pasta’s six month anniversary party in November so stay tuned for the date. I would love it if ya’ll can come to see my photos, drink wine/beer, and eat some pasta.

Special thanks or Monzu Fresh Pasta for this great opportunity, Erica, Alex, Tiffany Green, and Marissa for all your help to make this possible.