Who Are They?

I’ve been sharing my experience with the paranormal on Facebook quite often lately. I never like to share those experience in fear of judgement. I didn’t want people to judge me, make fun of me, make jokes, call me crazy, as I see some of y’all crack jokes on the comments so I just pressed the “laughing” emoji to play it off, but the truth is, I’m STRUGGLING.

This has been a real struggle for me, since I was a little boy. Living in fear is not fucking fun at all. Especially in fear of something not everyone experience or believe in, and I lack support by a lot of people for a very long time.

Ill start from the beginning. I was born with a gift/curse. I see dead people, I’ve seen friend’s family (deceased) members, I’ve been seeing ghost since I was in diapers and had no idea they were ghost. For a long time I’ve been yelled at by my dad every time ive cried, my mom just keep telling me “it’s not real, it’s fake, there’s nothing there,” while she believed me. She just wanted to tell me sweet lies but I never liked lies since the beginning. It doesn’t help, I just wanted support and comfort.

The only person who supported me then and helped me cope with this was my grandma. If you’ve paid close attention youve seen me post up my grandmas photo on my social media. She was my guide through this, sadly she passed away, and I’ve been left with a lot of question while I still experience the paranormal. She was gifted and understood the whole thing, she even had names of certain ghost and described to me how they looked before I told her how they looked, I’m NOT crazy!

I grew up at the house I’m currently renovating to move in and raise a family. I was excited about this whole thing, thought I’ve gained control of my fear till I started sleeping in my new/old home. I am facing my childhood fear all over again, that struggle is back again. I’ve had a lot of experience in this home, I’ve seen them alllll so clearly. There’s two entities I’ve seen. An older white male, tall, looks human, transparent, and grey. Others have seen him too. Now there’s another one, the dark shadow, who love to prank or mess with you. That one has been messing with me still huh? I do not appreciate that.

So fast forward to 2019, my parents gave me the green light to move back in and remodel it. I was extremely excited but now I see the struggle of being a home owner that most of my friends can relate to, is nothing compared to the other things I’m currently dealing with. I started the renovation in the beginnign to 2019. It’s now March and the bedrooms are clean enough to sleep in. The rest of the house still need a lot of work. I slept alone in my new home last Friday. And already I had three sleep paralysis in one night. The third one I woke up to someone walking on my bed (bought a new bed and currently resting on the floor with no frames). I opened my eyes in disbelief, I can feel it walking towards me and my blanket was being pulled. I reached to grab it back but I couldn’t move. That’s when I knew I was having sleep paralysis and could be having a “dream visions.”

So the next day I had my cousin sleep over to see if anything will happen. And let me remind you, I’m still scared so fear was always there. People were trying to tell me that my fear is playing tricks on me. Nothing happened when my cousin slept over. I slept over another weekend (this weekend). With my cousin again, and nothing happened. Fourth night with my cousin, nothing, till he left at 4:36 AM to snowboard, I had three sleep paralysis between 5-5:52 AM. I heard frantic grunts next to me as I was experiencing it. I tried to speak out, but I could only whisper, “Who are you? What do you want? Calm down, stop what you’re doing and tell me what you want?” All questions went unanswered.

So there you have it, for a long time I wanted a normal life. While my friends got freaky behind adults supervision in high school trying not to get caught. I had to look out for humans and they’re passed ones. Yes, I’ve seen my exgf family member before who’s been dead for over two decades and this was not in high school, it was last year. I’ve seen my family members, strangers, friends family members too that I’ve never met when they were alive.