Otter Stop: Appointments Only

A barber shop and aroma therapy. A friend of mine runs a small barber shop in his garage and only cuts by appointment only. A place where men and young men can go to for a fresh cut and deep conversation. Real grown men shit over there, all talks about respect, spiritual world, growth, communication and art.

We started off with a breathing exercise with some of the scented oil Carlos has on deck. Cuts your hair, a quick massage while he rest a minty hot towel around your fresh haircut. It’s such a soothing experience and so uplifting to get a haircut from Carlos. A very very rare experience for me, very different from the typical barber shop where it’s guys locker room talk and clowning each other. Don’t get me wrong, You can have that at Otter Stop barber shop but my conversation with Carlos are usually very deep. Thank you Carlos for being one of a kind in SD.