Before I get into what this post is about, other than “Shadows.” A friend of mine was talking about photography and not having time to shoot. Its the conversation I’ve had countless time with aspiring photographers. And most of the time, I hear excuses. To them, it’s a reason why they can’t shoot, to me, they are excuses. But I get it, I understand all angles. To some, photography is a new hobby, or a tool to interact with people, to create art, to capture memories, some may use it for sinister reasons (yall need to stop that). But the truth is, if you have to force yourself to shoot, maybe its not really you, but a hobby you want to dabble in. And there’s nothing wrong with that, being aware of that is even better. So you won’t be so hard on yourself, and put yourself down or struggle so much. Because it’s all about discovering yourself. You’re going to get into new things (many different things) before you figure out what you really like to do, or want to be in life.

I explained that if you really wanna do something, you should just do it. And if its natural, you would just do it, effortlessly. Forcing anything ain’t good either, just gotta let it happen.

Ya’ll already know who I am, what I love to do. There were times where I didn’t shoot for years B. There were times where I didn’t have time to shoot. I’ve quit photography before and it found me again. Took me years to find myself, it was the pressure of life, society, what was expected of me from my parents, and photography was not the career choice my parents agreed to. Well guess what, they were all right, I don’t shoot for a living (which I’m still working towards to be, a paid photographer). I got a regular job, I shoot on the side out of pleasure. Just now, at age 35 I finally figured out what I want to do with photography. But right or wrong, I’m still shooting, at any chance I get, at 35 I finally feel like my photography is starting to pay off.

Shot these at work as I was walking around, with my iPhone.