The Universe Work In Mysterious Ways

I feel refreshed, happy, fortunate, and blessed. This year is definitely my year! Great things happening, great things to come, year of the Pig!

So some of yall may know my recent purchased from Salvation Army and Swap meet (if not you’ll see it on my old post, scroll down). I bought more stuff Sunday but the crazy part was, I was sitting inside of June Shine looking through my phone. And a woman in front of me shouted my name so I looked up, I didn’t recognize her but then she points to her left and a friend of mine was staring right at me. It was Jaclyn from back in the days, she’s was trying to get my attention the whole time.

We did some catching up over drinks and ended up talking about my new house and the recent luck I’ve been having with the house and she brought up her friend who sells used Mid Century Modern furniture. She happen to have a set of Benny Linden dining chairs that is worth $1200 but the sticker price was set at $695. She was selling it on Facebook for $195 on Facebook. Benny Linden is the chair I recently bought, these were different but still a great piece and great price. Since I was a friend of Jac, she sold it to me for $175 for four chairs! I can easily flip these but I’m already attached to me.

So crazy, I haven’t seen Jac in a while, like a long time, and it felt like we ran into each other for a reason hahaha. Whatever makes me sleep better at night for buying a lot of stuff for the house. Thanks Jac for the plug, Thanks Cristina Rivera of Mid Mod Kitsch (IG: @midmodkitsch) for hooking me up.