Click Click: Neah

These photos of Neah are absolutely stunning. I was surprised by the result because I didn’t use any reflectors or flash, it was all natural lighting. I guess the condition was just right. We met up to do a Food Porn shoot at my friend’s coffee shop, the Ground Beans Coffee Bar near PB.

We happened to stumble upon a scooter in an alley and decided to shoot with it haha. Some random ass shit but that’s what being spontaneous is all about. Neah’s hair, style, eyes, and a random scooter all worked well together. What do ya’ll think?!

Oh BTW, this is the kind of photo shoot I love to do for a living. I get people asking me to shoot parties and weddings, even though there’s a lot of money in that, I do not enjoy shooting those. I enjoy street photography, food, and I’m not sure what this is called but portraits or style shoots? Emaill or DM me for prices.