Are You A Starseed? What Is A Starseed?

I never eve heard of a “Starseed” till recently. I met up with one of my models one day for coffee and during our talk about Food Porn our conversation took a turn about life and such. The topics was profound and kinda hard to put it all in this blog and maybe quite personal. But she mentioned that I could be a “Starseed.” She explained to me what that was and sent me this article on 27 Characteristic of a Starseed. I don’t know what to believe, but all I know, is that the article really explained a lot about myself, and my experiences growing up and why I’ve struggled so much about who I am and what I had to deal with that not everyone had to deal with. I posted an image of the two characteristics that stood out to me (there’s more that stood out but I picked these two) that people would think I’m crazy or being judgemental.

But here is the link to read about “Starseed.”