Japan/Thailand Photo Show

It’s been more than a year that I’ve been holding on to my travel photos. Why has it been taking me this long? I’m not sure of the answer myself.

Well one fracture is that, my money is always tight. Shooting Food Porn cost a lot of money. I had to buy film, food, and pay for processing fee. I didn’t want to take the budget from that to buy frames and prints.

With Food Porn out of the way and a lot of help I received for Food Porn, I think I can finally have this damn show.

I wont be doing it alone though, I’m teaming up with my dude David aka Bojanglds for the second time, but adding a third person, Doneliz. I’m not a huge fan of doing group shows, I just work alone a lot and hate to wait on others and my expectations are so high I don’t want to be displeased by their work or work ethics. But these two are good friends and talented photographers. They are for real with their craft and not a fucking creep or wannabes. And they also have photos locked away that has been dying to be shown.

So after Food Porn we’ll be talking about doing this show together finally.

Japanese Chicano Culture in Osaka, Japan. 

Japanese Chicano Culture in Osaka, Japan.