Spill The Beans

I had a pretty eventful weekend. Had some family in town from Long Beach and Oakland. I stayed out pretty late Friday evening to spend some time with them since I won’t be in town Saturday and Sunday. The only thing I took pictures of to post on the blog are the food. I’ll just keep everything else I did private since it’s mostly family stuff anyways.

Saturday morning before leaving for Temecula, my cousin Lennon a.k.a The Thug Blogger went out for breakfast. Randomly picked a location and ended up at Spill the Beans. I’ve seen it before but never been. All they really have are bagels and coffee. I never had a fancy bagel before so we ordered the Lox. This was my first time having the Lox, I’ve always hated smoked Salmon cuz they taste a little fishy. I admit, the Lox was pretty damn good though.