35mm film photography

Fly When It Comes To This

Music producer all the way from Pasadena in town to work on some music with Rossi Rock. Fly and His crew supports SD hard. Made some dope beats for Rossi, meanwhile Stillo making house calls with Rottweiler Clothing as each of Fly’s crew copped something. On top of that Fly hired me to shoot some photos of him before heading back home. These photos look so much cooler with a little bit of edit. The only edit I did on these are the graphics on them.


Fly When It Comes TO This

Music Producer

Shout out to Erika for the bubbles.

Shout out to Erika for the bubbles.

Rossi Rock at Jam'N 95.7

I remember growing up I’ve always wanted to be on the news or magazines and radio station for for the things we do. Either photography, community service, music, art, etc. It was always a dream growing up and I’m sure most of ya’ll can relate. I accomplished some of those dreams, and I’m proud to share these images of Rossi Rock at the radio station for an interview! People always talk about how local station in SD don’t support local artist. Maybe they do, it just takes alot of hard work to be recognized. Beto Perez and Tha Kid Reckless was kind enough to take the Suav crew in the station and kicked down some valuable knowledge. Rossi has been making alot of noise on social media thanks to all his fans. Beside that Rossi and Beto Perez knew each other, the support from Rossi’s fan got the station’s attention.

Click Click: Marissa

I’m excited about these photos. I did a photo shoot with Marissa last Sunday and took a few Click Click photos of her before we began. The shoot was for Monzu Fresh Pasta and I’m extremely happy with the results, and that’s a rare occasion. I’ll post the Monzu Fresh Pasta of Marissa later on the Monzu Gallery for ya’ll to see but for now I’m still in the process of staring at the photos for 2-3 days to decide on which one to print out for them.

These photos were taken with my new Canon AE-1 with the new 50mm lens I got. I just love the depth of field on the 50mm lens, and the color is on point! Shot inside Copa Vida and outside of Monzu Fresh Pasta.

I absolutely love this shot.

I absolutely love this shot.

I wanted to get a different angle and shot this from inside of Monzu.

I wanted to get a different angle and shot this from inside of Monzu.

First Look At Monzu Pasta Shoot

A week after Food Porn Vol 2 I got a DM from Monzu Fresh Pasta, requested to have a sit down with me to discuss future collaboration. I met up with the owner of Monzu (Aldo) on a Thursday afternoon and went over what he wanted from me and how he found out about me. Aldo told me one day he was strolling through downtown and stumbled upon 5&A Dime. Walked in to buy a t-shirt and saw my Food Porn Vol 2 photos on the wall and wanted something similar for his restaurant.

After days on working out the final details we finally found a set date to shoot. We will debut these photos at Monzu Fresh Pasta’s six month anniversary party in November so stay tuned for the date. I would love it if ya’ll can come to see my photos, drink wine/beer, and eat some pasta.

Special thanks or Monzu Fresh Pasta for this great opportunity, Erica, Alex, Tiffany Green, and Marissa for all your help to make this possible.


Click Click: Erika (Kaka)

I'm always working on my craft, shooting as much as possible learning how to capture different angles and lighting. When I look back at my photos it seems I just keep sticking to the same style, I know I'll find new ways to capture people. Maybe start with a medium format camera or play with light leaks and fuck with the exposures for different effects. 

Erika is a great subject, so we shot for the 4th time last week in City Heights right behind a taco shop, in the heart of the ghetto. The employees were cool with us shooting back there and on their car. I love the wall Erika selected. She saw a colored wall and automatically thought of me and sent me a photo of it, so that's how I found this wall. I'm on that 16/8 intermittent fasting so it was reaching my dinner time so we went to Sipz for some Vegan dinner then we walked around North Park for a little to get more shots. We turned a corner and noticed the sunset, and ya'll know I love shooting in front of sunsets! You'll see in the photos below, enjoy!

The sunset shot with the sun in the background. 

The sunset shot with the sun in the background.