I love film

Click Click: Stillo (SUAV City)

Food Porn is less than a few weeks out and I’m getting super excited about it. I don’t have enough men in the show and I’m fortunate to have some male friends (and strangers) who are willing to volunteer to help. Unfortunately I can’t shoot them all, so I had to shoot two very close friends of mine who really wanted to be in the show too. I shot Still of Rottweiler Clothing and a member of Suav City, and also shot Gian aka Big Gee (I don’t have a teaser of Gee to show ya’ll).

Shot some Click Click photos of Stillo inside of Holy Matcha in North Park. Huge shout out to Holy Matcha by the way, they were very helpful with the food I used to shoot with. Thank you!

First Look At Monzu Pasta Shoot

A week after Food Porn Vol 2 I got a DM from Monzu Fresh Pasta, requested to have a sit down with me to discuss future collaboration. I met up with the owner of Monzu (Aldo) on a Thursday afternoon and went over what he wanted from me and how he found out about me. Aldo told me one day he was strolling through downtown and stumbled upon 5&A Dime. Walked in to buy a t-shirt and saw my Food Porn Vol 2 photos on the wall and wanted something similar for his restaurant.

After days on working out the final details we finally found a set date to shoot. We will debut these photos at Monzu Fresh Pasta’s six month anniversary party in November so stay tuned for the date. I would love it if ya’ll can come to see my photos, drink wine/beer, and eat some pasta.

Special thanks or Monzu Fresh Pasta for this great opportunity, Erica, Alex, Tiffany Green, and Marissa for all your help to make this possible.


Lowrider Dream

Remember that dream I had about me and Rossi with the lowriders? If you read my previous post you'd know what I'm talking about. But I'll catch you up on it. I had a dream that I was talking to Rossi about the next music video shoot, he wanted to have lowriders in it. And out of the blue Rossi hit me up yesterday to shoot. I was available and made my way to Barrio Logan immediately. After a couple of minutes of walking around Mylow comes out of Por Vida and told us we can use his car. Shit all our eyes lit up, his car is dope as fuck. He wiped it down, unlocked the doors, everyone stepped in the car as he wipes it down. It was already clean but you know how car guys are, they'll wipe that shit down anyways. Correction, car guys and gals. Mylow pulled it out on the street and photo shoot began. Shit is kinda crazy though, that I just dreamt about it. So that set the lowrider idea in motion. Now Rossi is talking to a videographer about shooting his next music video with Lowriders in it, and I'll be in it as well! 

These photos were taken with my Canon AE-1 with 50mm lens. I'm not that happy with them because as you look at the photo from bottom to top, the light kinda washed it out a bit. Time to retired the 50mm or something, because the 24mm has a whole different feel to it. It could also by the shutter speed I was on. So there you go, I'm still learning after all these years, I'm forever a student my friends.