Click Click: Marissa

I’m excited about these photos. I did a photo shoot with Marissa last Sunday and took a few Click Click photos of her before we began. The shoot was for Monzu Fresh Pasta and I’m extremely happy with the results, and that’s a rare occasion. I’ll post the Monzu Fresh Pasta of Marissa later on the Monzu Gallery for ya’ll to see but for now I’m still in the process of staring at the photos for 2-3 days to decide on which one to print out for them.

These photos were taken with my new Canon AE-1 with the new 50mm lens I got. I just love the depth of field on the 50mm lens, and the color is on point! Shot inside Copa Vida and outside of Monzu Fresh Pasta.

I absolutely love this shot.

I absolutely love this shot.

I wanted to get a different angle and shot this from inside of Monzu.

I wanted to get a different angle and shot this from inside of Monzu.

Click Click: Erika (Kaka)

I'm always working on my craft, shooting as much as possible learning how to capture different angles and lighting. When I look back at my photos it seems I just keep sticking to the same style, I know I'll find new ways to capture people. Maybe start with a medium format camera or play with light leaks and fuck with the exposures for different effects. 

Erika is a great subject, so we shot for the 4th time last week in City Heights right behind a taco shop, in the heart of the ghetto. The employees were cool with us shooting back there and on their car. I love the wall Erika selected. She saw a colored wall and automatically thought of me and sent me a photo of it, so that's how I found this wall. I'm on that 16/8 intermittent fasting so it was reaching my dinner time so we went to Sipz for some Vegan dinner then we walked around North Park for a little to get more shots. We turned a corner and noticed the sunset, and ya'll know I love shooting in front of sunsets! You'll see in the photos below, enjoy!

The sunset shot with the sun in the background. 

The sunset shot with the sun in the background. 

Click Click: Tiffany G.

Good morning! 

I got Tiffany's photos developed yesterday and I am excited to show ya'll. I put a few of my favorite photos in Click Click (main page) and some that I think are nice on this blog post. I think I'm falling madly in love with my Canon AE1 ya'll, the photo quality is just soooo crisp! Shot Tiffany with the Canon 24 mm lens, all natural light. Shot inside Moniker General located in Point Loma. So what ya'll think? Should I do a Food Porn shoot with Tiffany?


Shoot On Sight

These are some photos I took of Christina yesterday, I think they came out great but I'm not truly satisfied with them. Why? For one, I'm forever working on my craft trying to perfect it. Though perfection doesn't exist, I understand that. But the day I control the result of the photos I'll be happy with them. What do I mean by that? Well for one, I shot with my Canon AE1 yesterday because I love how the photos comes out. But I'm having trouble figuring out why the photo kinda get washed out above. The color kinda fade as you look from bottom to top. But maybe I'm hard on myself as usual because I shot these photos at F-Stop 4 and 2.8 during sunset in a shady area and I shot both with Shutter speed 250 and 500. So maybe I do have a bit control over my photos and I kill myself for the ones I don't like. I will never understand why I'm this way.

I like how it sorta look like a painting and not a photograph, or a mixture of two. The digital camera would give it a crisp, clean, and sharp look, where the colors will pop, but I prefer this look. I can't get pass it and convince myself to shoot digital. Maybe for business I would shoot with a digital camera, but my heart will always be set on film. 

Christina changed up her hair color and I wanted to shoot her again in front of a colorful back drop. I found a yellow wall and a light pink wall in Golden Hill. Originally I wanted to shoot in front of a red wall but I couldn't find it, I still can't remember where I saw a bright red wall. I swear it was in Golden Hill. 


Lowrider Dream

Remember that dream I had about me and Rossi with the lowriders? If you read my previous post you'd know what I'm talking about. But I'll catch you up on it. I had a dream that I was talking to Rossi about the next music video shoot, he wanted to have lowriders in it. And out of the blue Rossi hit me up yesterday to shoot. I was available and made my way to Barrio Logan immediately. After a couple of minutes of walking around Mylow comes out of Por Vida and told us we can use his car. Shit all our eyes lit up, his car is dope as fuck. He wiped it down, unlocked the doors, everyone stepped in the car as he wipes it down. It was already clean but you know how car guys are, they'll wipe that shit down anyways. Correction, car guys and gals. Mylow pulled it out on the street and photo shoot began. Shit is kinda crazy though, that I just dreamt about it. So that set the lowrider idea in motion. Now Rossi is talking to a videographer about shooting his next music video with Lowriders in it, and I'll be in it as well! 

These photos were taken with my Canon AE-1 with 50mm lens. I'm not that happy with them because as you look at the photo from bottom to top, the light kinda washed it out a bit. Time to retired the 50mm or something, because the 24mm has a whole different feel to it. It could also by the shutter speed I was on. So there you go, I'm still learning after all these years, I'm forever a student my friends. 

Click Click: Day Walker

Shot Walker a.k.a Day Walker with my Canon AE-1 over the weekend. I just love how the film photos look versus digital photos. This time it cost me $21 to process one roll of film at George's. Over priced, I should've just went to Nelson but I was in North Park for lunch and wanted to get it done ASAP. 

Muscle Tone, Shades, Shadows & Contrast

Shot color film all my life till my college days. I was introduced to shooting black and white photography in college where we printed the photos ourselves in the dark room and that was great! I was afraid of the dark then so being in a complete dark room taking the negatives out of the canister was a challenge. I had my eyes closed in the dark just cuz I was afraid to see some sort of super natural shit lol. Anyways, one of our assignment was to create abstract art using human body parts. I had my ex-girlfriend at the time as my model and she was kind enough for me shoot her in nude. I wish I can show you the images now but if you been to my art show you would've have seen it. Back to the story, I accidentally over exposed ( I think it was) the image upon printing it and discovered a very cool print! It was all white and the only thing left of the image was her curves and outline of her body which looked like a pencil shading by finger. It did not look like a photograph anymore, it looked more of a drawing done by an artist. Ever since then I've been wanting to go back in the dark room and print more photos like that and then some, like these I have posted, shot in front of a dark back drop. 


This is my friend Mikey, I've known him for over a decade and I shot these for my Inked Gallery for this site and just recently I decided to edit them using VSCO Cam. Why did it take me this long to edit them? It's because none of my photos I shoot with film are edit. I got bored and got nothing to shoot so I decided to play with these photos and bring out some skin/muscle tone and play with the shadows and shit. And the results are cool!