jam'n 95.7

Rossi Rock at Jam'N 95.7

I remember growing up I’ve always wanted to be on the news or magazines and radio station for for the things we do. Either photography, community service, music, art, etc. It was always a dream growing up and I’m sure most of ya’ll can relate. I accomplished some of those dreams, and I’m proud to share these images of Rossi Rock at the radio station for an interview! People always talk about how local station in SD don’t support local artist. Maybe they do, it just takes alot of hard work to be recognized. Beto Perez and Tha Kid Reckless was kind enough to take the Suav crew in the station and kicked down some valuable knowledge. Rossi has been making alot of noise on social media thanks to all his fans. Beside that Rossi and Beto Perez knew each other, the support from Rossi’s fan got the station’s attention.