real j wallace

thChrch: Suma (the single from Black Gilifianakis EP)

I don't even want to call this a music video. I feel more like I'm looking through a small window of Black Galifianakis's memories of Suma flashes before our eyes.  

Black Galifianakis is part of the movement of living life without fear. To return to that child like curiosity we all had when we were younger. Out of curiosity, we'll discover so much about the world, ourselves and each other. 

BTS: 5&A Dime Ft. Brother Nature/Julie Mai part 2 (Vlog)

That  one Sunday I joined 5&A Dime and Brother Nature to capture a behind the scenes of their music video shoot. Shot by Billy and Nick of Sk8Mafia and also featuring the beautiful Julie Mai. Targa Trophy even made it out to provide the Bentley for the music video. That was a great a Sunday and I'm I was there to capture it, I can relive it by pressing play. 

To take you back to see the full music video, watch the video below.